Growing in the Life of Faith: Education and Christian Practices

by Craig Dykstra. Westminster John Knox Press, 2005.
Large growing in the life of faith

What conditions and factors lead to people growing in faith? What does growing in faith look like? How can the practice of faith lead to deeper trust? The author, Craig Dykstra, is the former executive vice-president of religion at Lilly Endowment and is now serving an appointment at Duke Divinity School. This book is a compilation of essays with consistent, prominent themes. There is a comprehensive story of faith contained in scripture. Living into these stories creates the possibility of life lived well, a life marked by trust in God. A life marked by trust in God manifests itself through careful attention to key faith practices; activities including hospitality, interpreting scriptures, confessing sin, being forgiven and so forth. These practices are universal activities. Almost all cultures participate in interpretation of texts. Almost all cultures have customs and rules about forgiveness. What makes a practice religious is the extent to which a community brings their living faith tradition to bear on their behaviors. This book is an excellent confidant for clergy and religious educators. Start a study group using this book. Track the conversation. Bring what is learned to the governing board. It is likely to change the conversation about the purpose of your congregation.

Author Curated by Tim Shapiro

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