Handling Conflict

Building Church Leaders, 2015. Accessed July 2, 2019.
Large handling conflict

Create a culture of conflict-resilience with this training pack for leader and staff teams. Building Church Leaders has perfected the 20-minute session that can be built into regularly scheduled meetings. This collection contains an assortment of fourteen single-topic articles that include assessments (“How to Read Our Critics: Evaluating What They Really Mean”, for example), how-to’s such as “Six Rules for a Fair Fight” and “How to Handle Criticism”, expert interviews, and devotionals. Each article begins with recommended scripture readings, follows with topical content, and provides 3-4 discussion questions. The Leader’s Guide spells out how to organize and lead the sessions. This material can be custom-grouped for longer, dedicated studies and even for leadership retreats. The universality of conflict, its causes and its mediation, makes this resource pack accessible across the theological spectrum. “Handling Conflict” is downloadable upon purchase for instant access.

Curator Curated by Marie F. Fleming

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