Hartford Institute for Religion Research

Hartford, CT. (860) 509-9542.
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Since 1985, Hartford Seminary’s Hartford Institute for Religion Research has been a knowledge resource for the scholarly community, as well as places of worship. The focus is religious research. Professor David Roozen is the director as of fall 2013. Subject matter includes denominations. It also includes congregational vitality and trends in American religion. What might lead you to contact the Hartford Institute? If you were interested in any of the following: worship trends, megachurch profiles, the present state of American congregations, information about mosques, and much more. Recent projects include a cooperative study project (Faith Communities Today) that collects and interprets prevailing congregational inclinations. The Institute produces a variety of leadership resources. These resources relay information about the role of clergy in congregations, as well as what laity expect from clergy. Much of their work related to clergy would be helpful to pastoral search committees. The Institute has a long history of sponsoring a variety of studies including projects on religion and family, multiracial congregations, a longitudinal study of conservative church growth, and an exploration into congregations and community involvement.

Author Curated by Tim Shapiro

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