Hope For Children In Poverty: Profiles and Possibilities

(Ronald J. Sider). Judson Press, 2007.
Large hope

The statistics are startling: Of the 73 million children in the US in 2005, more than 28 million - 39% - lived in poverty and its constellation of social, spiritual and emotional ills. While the problem is immense, there are people of faith across the country acting effectively to address it. In this collection of topical essays, statistics, theological reflection and the witness of children themselves, evangelical social activist, Sider, and faith-based community development expert, Unruh, offer inspiration and practical tools for congregations and individuals who feel called to get involved. Each essay is paired with a Ministry Profile describing a faith-based program that is making a difference in the lives of their community’s children. While addressed to a Christian audience, this book could serve anyone who is concerned for the wellbeing of their community’s children.

Curated by Marie F. Fleming

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