How Religious Congregations are Engaging Young Adults in America

(Monte Sahlin). CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform, 2015.

The research, case studies, and identification of best practices offered here will be appreciated by congregational leaders engaged in young adult ministries, those considering an intentional outreach to adults ages 18-34, and those concerned about the declining trends in young adult participation. The book illuminates the Faith Communities Today (FACT 2010) research-a multi-faith, comprehensive survey of U.S. congregations-and expands it with ten in-depth case studies of congregations which, though widely diverse in religious affiliation, size, and location, all have significant young adult participation. Identified best practices, detailed in Chapter 13, include (1) involving young adults in leadership, (2) offering high-quality worship, often described as informal, innovative, or experiential, (3) innovative use of technology in worship and communications, (4) an accepting, non-judgmental culture, (5) intentional outreach, and (6) a pay-it-forward investment in time, energy, and money. Find the “America’s Congregations 2015 Engaging Young Adults,” an 18-page summary and update, on this Faith Communities Today {{webpage |}}.