How to Change the Culture of a Church

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Blog. Joe McKeever. October 30, 2013. Accessed April 19, 2017.

Baptist pastor, writer and cartoonist, Joe McKeever, sees that many churches are resistant to change that may be necessary for their own thriving. In this article, he provides several examples of the ways that cliquish, embattled or xenophobic congregations can begin to approach a shift in culture. He also addresses the challenges faced by congregations that blame pastor after pastor for challenges in their culture, and those that have a limited view of their own potential. This article speaks to the call for congregations to be “salt and light” to their communities, but with a sympathetic view to the barriers that prevent that from being lived out. With very practical tips for seeding congregational culture change, McKeever gives examples from his own experience and provides ample encouragement. While this article is addressed to a clergy audience, lay leaders seeking to effect change in their congregation will be able to apply many of the lessons provided.