Insights Into: Attracting and Keeping Congregational Members

by Mike McMullen. Faith Communities Today, 2011. Accessed November 30, 2017.
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Author Mike McMullen says that “This publication offers research, insights and resources to help . . . leaders deal constructively with integrating and energizing both new and old congregational participants.” McMullen’s seventeen-page article can be downloaded and printed at no expense. A few of the topics covered in the eight sections are as follows: the obstacles that congregations face in “attracting new members and regular participation,” how to reach inactive attendees, the role that leaders and others in a congregation play in offering an appropriate way to help others participate in congregational life, and a discussion about events, other than worship, that “strengthen participation and incorporation.” This well-organized and user-friendly document contains a wealth of information for a variety of Christian and non-Christian religious traditions. Charts with research data are sprinkled throughout. The article also includes a list and links to additional resources.