Interfaith Toolkit: Engage Your Neighbors

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Presbyterian Mission Agency. Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.). Accessed April 19, 2017.

Do you want to get to know your neighbors of other faiths, but don’t know how to begin? Do you want to learn about their religion and share about yours? The Interfaith Toolkit is a great place to start. Developed from multiple sources, this practical collection features six faith communities: Islam, Buddhism, Sikhism, Hinduism, Judaism, and Christianity. A downloadable PDF for each one addresses its history, basic tenets, rituals and celebrations, the role of women, and “Did you know?” factoids. The “Getting Started” section offers engagement strategies, such as identifying concerns you hold in common, and exploring similarities and differences. This is basic preparation for engagement: How to be polite. What to know before you go. How to handle your feelings. It all adds up to getting past a threshold of timidity and perhaps even fear, to “living together as friends”. This material is suitable for youth and adults.