Interim Ministry Network

Baltimore, MD. (800) 235-8414.
Large interim ministries network

The Interim Ministry Network (IMN) is an ecumenical and inter-faith organization that trains, supports, and provides resources for clergy who are or want to be intentional interims or interim consultants for congregations in transition. The intentional interim clergy training focuses on five aspects of congregational life that IMN believes need to be addressed during the transition period: heritage, leadership, mission, connections, and future. The educational programs have different costs and requirements and come in a variety of modes: onsite, online, and nationwide offsite. Additionally, IMN offers consulting services, hosts an annual conference, offers books for sale, and provides free articles for IMN members that cover topics such as conflict, stewardship, and the small church. Membership in IMN is required to view the interim minister directory, make connections with other member interim ministers, and view interim ministry job openings. Christians will be most comfortable with this organization and its perspective.