Is Your Older Adult Ministry Effective? An Easy Assessment Tool for Gauging the Effectiveness of Older Adult Ministry in Your Church

by Charles Arn. Christianity Today, 2010. Accessed November 30, 2017.
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There are four areas of congregational life that determine the strength or weakness of its outreach to older adults, according Building Church Leaders. This simple self-assessment tool helps leaders measure their congregation’s capacity for reaching seniors through service, Christian formation, outreach and assimilation, and fellowship. With true-or-false statements related to each category, participants are guided to think about things they can do differently or more effectively to engage older adults. For example, a statement found in the Christian formation section of the assessment tool says, “We have at least a monthly Bible study for senior adults other than in the Sunday School context.” Even if the statement is not true for a particular congregation, it suggests an action they can take. A self-scoring form enables leaders to create a summary of their results for future discussion, planning and action. The article is free, but a no-fee sign-up is required.