Jesus Goes to the Movies: The Youth Ministry Film Guide

by Joel Mayward. The Youth Cartel, 2015.
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Mayward’s integrated and insightful understanding of movie criticism, theology, philosophy, and youth ministry comes together to create a smart and useful resource for Christian youth leaders, pastors, parents, and others engaged with youth and young adults. Part 1 gives a theological foundation for movie-watching. Part 2 offers a guide for 50 movies worthy of a spiritual discussion, including WALL-E, The Truman Show, The Dark Knight, Boyhood, and To Kill a Mockingbird. Mayward, who is a pastor, youth worker, and film critic, prepares the reader to lead meaningful, even transformative, movie-based discussions with an introduction to common worldviews in movies, including deism, naturalism, and new age/neo-paganism. He challenges simplistic answers to the “What makes a good movie?” question with a sophisticated model placing ethical content/aesthetic form on one axis and approach-theology to film vs. film to theology-on the other axis. Mayward blogs at {{ |}}.