Jesus Wept: When Faith & Depression Meet

by Barbara Crafton. Jossey-Bass, 2009.
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Through Barbara Crafton's honesty and compassion about the depths of emotional darkness the reader can sense that she has truly been there and back. As an Episcopal priest and spiritual director; she pulls stories from the journeys of others into depression, and that of her own. Crafton exposes the difficulty “church folks” have in coming to terms with a diagnosis of depression, especially in their pastor -- difficulty often due to false assumptions, misguided beliefs and lack of information about the biological roots of depression. She addresses real life issues like worry, numbness, despair, self-hatred, frightening treatment options, suicidal thinking and relational difficulties. The sensitive suggestions she offers to those travelling through depression’s dark valley themselves or with a friend or loved one are reassuring and practical. Individuals and small groups will be prompted to examine their own assumptions about faith and mental illness in light of Crafton’s book.