Jewish Choices, Jewish Voices: Money

(Elliot N. Dorff). The Jewish Publication Society, 2008.
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Rabbi Elliot Dorff and Professor Louis Newman edit this installment of the Jewish Publication Society Ethics series. Akin to the other volumes, this one takes a complex topic-money-and leads readers to reflect on and examine their own views and actions. First, the moral quandary of money is identified and explored. Then, both historical and contemporary views of money are offered to reflect the breadth of thought over time. Money is then explored as it relates to employment, debt, caring for children, and the distribution of national funds. A diverse group of contributors then offer their own personal experiences and perspectives on the issues at hand. A glossary, additional resources, and an index complete the book. Questions are sprinkled throughout this work, making it well-suited for group use. The volume is written from a Jewish perspective, but others who wish to wrestle with the topic of money can find something of value here.