Jewish Sacred Aging

Pittsburgh, PA.

Decades ago, Rabbi Richard Address saw a “revolution of longevity” on the horizon, and knew the impact would be intensified once Baby Boomer generation entered midlife. His response was a project called Jewish Sacred Aging (JSA), dedicated to serving the Jewish community with resources for Baby Boomers and their families. The website offers a weekly podcast, “Boomer Generation Radio” that features guest interviews on relevant topics such as Alzheimer’s disease and other forms of dementia, and re-entering the workforce. There are thought pieces, blog entries, book reviews and paths to further resources. Address provides consulting services to help communities plan and implement long term strategies for integrating these seniors into congregational life and work. Also available are workshops on individual aspects of programming such as creating rituals, making sacred decisions and the art of caregiving. Extensive practical information would be of value beyond the target audience. Online resources are free.