Journey in the Wilderness: New Life for Mainline Churches

by Gil Rendle. Abingdon Press, 2010.

Gil Rendle is a reliable source of congregational resources and practical advice. As a United Methodist pastor and a long-time consultant with the Texas Methodist Foundation, he has deep experience in the mainline tradition, but makes his insights accessible to congregational leaders across traditions. His 2007 book, {{“Leading Change in the Congregation" |}}, published by Alban Institute, offered concrete tools for congregational leaders addressing difficult changes in a faithful manner. This more recent book addresses the “wilderness” of contemporary congregational challenges, with a foreword by Bishop Robert Schnase, author of “The Five Practices of Fruitful Congregations”. Rendle focuses on the ways in which changes in our culture, both generally and within the church, can result in missional transformation, leading congregations toward renewed focus and a hopeful embrace of a new culture. This book will provide a valuable context, and a hopeful vision of the future, for congregational leaders concerned with changing the culture of their local congregation.