Journeying Toward Renewal: A Spiritual Companion for Pastoral Sabbaticals

by Melissa Sevier. Rowman & Littlefield, 2002.
Large journeying renewal

Eight years into a small Midwestern pastorate, Melissa Sevier found that she was “in a rut of stagnant leadership.” She sought and received a sabbatical leave which yielded a renewal of mind and spirit. This gave her “the opportunity to restart ministry in the same location.” Through journal entries written before and during her time away, Sevier reflects on her own path. Through subsequent interviews with other sabbatical recipients and with institutional leaders, Sevier provides a range of perspectives and wisdom to complement her own insights. Each chapter includes suggestions for reflection, contemplation, action, and further study. Note that many of the recommended books may be available only through used book channels. Chapters on sabbatical funding and the ways congregations benefit from sabbaticals will be especially helpful to the reluctant or unsure. Journeying Toward Renewal offers guidance and practical tools for pastoral leaders and congregations contemplating renewal.