Just Lead!: A No Whining, No Complaining, No Nonsense Practical Guide for Women Leaders in the Church

by Sherry Surratt, Jenni Catron. Jossey-Bass, 2013.
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This book is about women and Christian leadership by women leaders. Jenni Catron was the Executive Director of Cross Point Church in Nashville, TN, and Sherry Surratt is the president and CEO of MOPS International (Mothers of Pre-Schoolers). Ideas in the book include advice on overcoming communication barriers, making difficult decisions, leading men, and much more. Each idea put forth is supported by real life anecdotes. Because of this, the book evokes winsome transparency. Some might find this book best matched with those from an overtly evangelical Christian tradition. However, for those able to learn from a variety of perspectives, the book’s practical and positive nature lends itself to a wide audience. At the end of each chapter are questions for personal reflection and group discussion. The book would be useful to women clergy. It would also be useful to Christian lay women who have leadership roles in congregations or other organizations, including secular workplaces.

Author Curated by Tim Shapiro

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