Washington , DC. (202) 488-5647.
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JustPeace is a United Methodist organization offering training and education in peacemaking, conflict resolution and restorative justice through consulting, workshops, and a website. They describe their mission as “fostering a culture of JustPeace - a faith focused way of engaging conflict that leads to justice and reconciliation.” The work is seen as “deeply spiritual, bringing together the theology, theory and practice of JustPeace.” JustPeace includes both theologically trained church leaders and attorneys. Citing statistics that 1 in 4 churches is highly conflicted and 1 in 50 is sued every year, they offer professional services in resolving lawsuits, complaints, church trials, and other costly disputes through coaching, mediated or facilitated conversations or other methods of alternative dispute. Another aspect of the work includes the promotion of ‘good conversation’ as a powerful tool to build community, strengthen relationships and minimize conflict. The website has regularly updated blog posts and videos. The resources will be of particular interest to mainline congregations, and any congregation facing high-level conflict and needing outside intervention could consider this organization.