Kingdom Calling: Vocational Stewardship for the Common Good

by Amy L. Sherman. InterVarsity Press, 2011.
Large kingdom calling

Faithful people respond to a calling from God in every aspect of their lives, and we do the church a disservice when we constrain talk of vocations to work within the church. With a well-developed discussion guide, this sophisticated book pushes the theological conversation about calling and work to a new level. This book is about how to change the place and pattern where you live. Congregations with a heart for missional stewardship of all their resources will be encouraged by the model advanced by this excellent resource. Time and talent can be employed to draw all of our attention toward bringing about the Kingdom of God, and this book outlines four pathways: “Bloom where you’re planted”, “Donate your skills”, “Launch your own social enterprise”, and “Participate in your church’s targeted initiative”. The book also includes profiles of faithful stewards in many different occupations.