Know the Best Time to Relocate Your Church

by W. Charles Arn. Lifeway Church Resources, 2014. Accessed April 14, 2017.

Congregations relocate for many reasons, including lack of expansion space in the current location, and changed circumstances in the community. Rather than simply move to a new location, Lifeway architect, Arn, urges congregations to examine their identity and mission. He asserts that a move is an opportunity to start with a “clean slate” and ask “What do we want to write here?” Keys to a successful move include having leaders who are committed to stay through the process, taking time to bring the congregation on board, and securing the services of architects who have experience working with congregations. The article could be used as a conversation starter for congregations wrestling with whether a move is right for them. It might be of greater value to growing congregations than to those in decline or survival mode, but its insights could prove valuable to any leader and congregation facing a changed environment.