Korean American Churches: From Generation to Generation

by Joan Huyser-Honig. Calvin Institute of Christian Worship, July 5, 2005. Accessed November 19, 2018.
Large korean american churches

While generational differences, spiritual practices, and worship traditions are issues in any faith community, they seem especially prevalent in ethnic congregations. In this article, examples of ways these topics are addressed in the Korean American Church provide insight for multicultural congregations in multiethnic communities. Since language - Korean or English - is an issue between first and second generation Koreans, congregations hold bilingual services, offer headphones with simultaneous translation, and post words on screens. “Concert of Prayer,” at-dawn meetings, remains an important spiritual discipline among all ages. Understanding worship traditions requires explanation and preparation to help cultures become one body of Christ. The author, a writer for Calvin Institute of Christian Worship, challenges readers to attend, explore, find, listen, read, and visit to “Learn More” about Korean American churches. “Start a Discussion” offers questions related to generations, practices, retention, and outreach for use in any church. “Share Your Wisdom” invites reads to suggest best practices and resources.

Reviewed by Phyllis Wezeman

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