Kveller: A Jewish Twist on Parenting

Accessed June 26, 2019.
Large kveller

“Whether you grew up observing Shabbat every Friday night, or had your first taste of matzo ball soup when you married into a Jewish family, the ways you can incorporate Judaism and Jewish culture into your parenting style are diverse.” Kveller.com is a source for “information and inspiration that is right for your family.” The website gets its name from kvell, a Yiddish word meaning “to beam with pride and pleasure, as over one’s children.” It offers a rich range of resources, with dozens of articles available under the general topics: Pregnancy, Baby and Toddler, Baby Names, Interfaith, Holidays, and Recipes. Blogs (one is called “Raising Kvell”) foster lively interaction on timely issues. Parents looking for children’s books will find several lists of recommendations, including “Bubbe’s Top 10 Books for Jewish Children” and “Best Kids Books for Rosh Hashanah”. A free e-newsletter offers “recipes, parenting tips and more.” This website is directed at parents and anyone interested in nurturing a child’s (or one’s own) Jewish identity.

Curator Curated by Marie F. Fleming

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