Kveller: A Jewish Twist on Parenting

Accessed June 26, 2019.
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Kveller.com is a website for “information and inspiration that is right for your family.” The website gets its name from kvell, a Yiddish word meaning “to beam with pride and pleasure, as over one’ s children.” It offers a rich range of resources, with dozens of articles available under the general topics: Pregnancy, Baby and Toddler, Baby Names, Interfaith, Holidays, and Recipes.

Offerings: blogs; children book recommendations; free e-newsletter; parenting tips

Best For: Clergy and lay leaders, especially Jewish

Cost: free

Suggested Uses:

  • Help nurture your or your child's Jewish identity.
  • Explore the various topics this website provides to further enhance Jewish traditions and resources in your life.

Curator Curated by Marie F. Fleming

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