Leadership: An Art of Possibility

Benjamin Zander. Dvd. Groh Leadership & Change Media Tools, 2006.
Large leadership an art of possibility

According to Ben Zander, people are tired of the old metaphors of leadership-war, sports and fighting to get to the top. In this DVD series, based on their book, The Art of Possibility, Ben and Roz Zander contend that there’s a new way of leadership on the horizon that invites people out of the downward spiral of anxiety and pressure and into the world of possibility. In these videos, Ben Zander, lifelong musician and conductor of the Boston Philharmonic Youth Orchestra, along with his wife, Rosamond, a family therapist and executive coach energetically and passionately inspire a radiating form of leadership. This DVD series is ideal for team building within a local congregational or for inspiration within a worship service or leadership training event. Utilizing engaging teaching, the medium of classical music, and lively interviews the Zanders presentation has potential to light a fire in clergy and congregational leaders that could result in a far grander, more unified impact through their faith communities.

Curator Curated by Beth Booram

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