Leadership and Listening: Spiritual Foundations for Church Governance

by Donald E. Zimmer. The Alban Institute, 2011.

This concise book presents a research-based analysis of the relationship between the processes of congregational leadership and spiritual discernment, giving congregations the tools to reflect on where God is leading them.


research, resources for moving the church away from business models, intentional change

Best For

clergy and lay leaders


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Suggested Uses

  • Reflect on what God is calling the congregation to do by listening, praying, worshiping, reflecting, and by paying attention to community needs.
  • Shift away from business structures and develop a model of leadership based on discernment by following this resource.

About the Contributor

Brian Witwer

Brian Witwer is the retired director of the Center for Congregations' northeast office. Brian has specialized training in leadership and group process.

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