Leadership Institute at Union Presbyterian Seminary

Richmond, VA. (800) 229-2990.
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Are leaders born or formed? According to the Leadership Institute of Union Presbyterian Seminary, the latter is the case. Leaders are formed through exposure to excellent leadership, both taught and embodied. The Institute exists for that purpose; to form and equip leaders to do the work of ministry within the church. Through workshops, lectures, on-line classes and certificate programs, its aim is to support and train pastors and laity to lead more effectively. A unique feature of the Leadership Institute is its Asian American Ministry Center that provides relevant training for those pastoring among Asian Americans. If a congregation is looking for a grant related to leadership development, The Institute provides the Congregational Leadership Award, a $1000 gift to churches who are doing new and innovative ministry in their context. The Leadership Institute is a valuable resource for leadership development within congregations and offers many resources at no cost to those who are interested.