Leadership Transformations, Inc. (LTI)

Lexington, MA. (877) 832-6584.

“The greatest transformation comes during times when we quiet ourselves long enough to listen attentively… to God, to one another, and to what’s stirring in our own hearts.” This statement from the Leadership Transformations website expresses a central belief that shapes everything LTI offers individuals and teams through their ministry. Steve Macchia, the founder and President of LTI, is also an author (Crafting a Rule of Life and Becoming a Healthy Church) and director of the Pierce Center for Disciple Building at Gordon-Conwell Seminary. Steve believes that teaching individual leaders how to be attentive and listen well will not only transform them personally, it will transform their organizations. Through LTI, pastors and lay leaders are invited to participate in three signature initiatives: Soul Care Retreats led by LTI staff; Emmaus: Spiritual Leadership Communities (a small cohort that meets for four retreats over nine months); and Selah: Certificate in Spiritual Direction (a two-year training for individuals who are interested in the ministry of spiritual direction). Through each of these offerings, Christian leaders from moderate mainline and Evangelical traditions will learn to listen, discern and pursue God’s unique will for themselves, their team and their church.