Learning Mission, Living Mission: Churches that Work

by Glynis LaBarre. Judson Press, 2012.
Large learning mission living mission

How can a congregation move from surviving to thriving? By shifting the focus outwardly with a concern for the community’s well-being, churches of all sizes are discovering new vitality. Becoming missional means focusing ministry efforts outside in the community. This source explains the Missional Church Learning Experience (MCLE), a learning model that seeks to help congregations develop a missional project and equips them to successfully sustain their effort. This proven approach involves creating learning communities of 6-12 churches, who bring teams together to learn, create missional projects, and share their experiences. Sessions are led by a facilitator who offers instruction and direction for each assignment. This author has facilitated MCLE in locations throughout the U.S. Throughout this source are feedback comments from former participants. The appendices contain detailed guidelines concerning session content and timelines. Churches who have engaged in MCLE have buried their fear of dying and have come alive to make a God-impact on their communities.

Curated by Jan Goodyear

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