Liberating Hope: Daring to Renew the Mainline Church

by Michael Piazza, Cameron Trimble. Pilgrim Press, 2011.
Large liberating hope

Many mainline congregations have experienced loss of participants due to many factors. One of the attractive features of this short book is the no-nonsense approach of its authors. The prescription for renewal involves a clearly stated journey. It involves defining a mission, taking the contemporary communication culture seriously, and organizing to implement the mission selected. Piazza and Trimble argue that the key to renewal is for a congregation to become a transformational community where lives are changed and the community is served. It involves a sense of being “born pregnant” - the clear expectation of growth. But, it also involves a serious understanding of contemporary stewardship, transformational leadership skills, transformational mission engagement, and transformational worship. This easy to read book could be used as an all-church study or leadership guide. Included is a small group study guide. Michael Piazza is senior pastor of Virginia-Highland Church in Atlanta; Cameron Trimble is executive director of the Center for Progressive Renewal.

Curated by Brian Witwer

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