LifeKeys Discovery Workbook: Discover Who You Are

by Jane Kise, David Stark, and others. Bethany House Publishers, 2005.
Large lifekeys discover

Whether the waters are still or tumultuous, knowing oneself well is valuable knowledge for charting one’s future course in life. Helping people accomplish this task is exactly the goal of Life Keys, a workbook designed to help people become more aware of their personality, spiritual gifts, passions, life gifts, and values. The authors, Jane Kise, David Stark, and Sandra Hirsh, have extensive experience and education in team-building, small groups, and personality typing. Their workbook leads people through a self-discovery process via a series of exercises and reflection questions. The authors then help readers discern what would be their most satisfying and life-giving vocations, careers, and places of service in the world. The workbook can be used by individuals, small groups, or larger group, such as for retreats, and is accessible to all religious traditions. One of the authors, Jan Kise, has a {{LifeKeys' webpage |}} with additional information.

Curated by Janet Hoover

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