Lombard Mennonite Peace Center (LMPC)

Lombard, IL. (630) 627-0507.
Large lombard mennonite peace center

Based in the Chicago area, LMPC offers trainings and consulting in fulfillment of their mission to encourage the nonviolent transformation of conflict in relationships in homes, workplaces, schools, churches, and throughout our world. The week-long “Mediation Skills Training Institute for Church Leaders” is offered several times each year in different settings around the country. This training is designed for congregational leaders to gain confidence in mediating individual and group disputes, and they are encouraged to develop congregational mediation teams. Judicatory leaders and others who work with congregations also benefit from these trainings, which are hands-on and include various role-plays, along with substantial content on the nature of conflict and processes of listening and honoring differences. LMPC resources on family systems theory include “Healthy Congregations” workshops and an annual “Clergy Clinic in Family Emotional Process.” LMPC consultants also contract to lead workshops on these topics or to mediate congregational disputes. Congregational leaders interested in the methods of this historic peace tradition, as well as those seeking proven conflict resolution strategies, will find these resources helpful. Clergy leaders experiencing conflict and other leadership challenges will benefit from the clergy clinic. Any congregation seeking to resolve conflict and develop healthier behaviors will appreciate these methods.

Curator Curated by Wendy McCormick

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