Lott Carey

Landover, MD. (301) 429-3300.
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Lott Carey is an African American Baptist social mission organization, founded in 1897, and named for Rev. Lott Cary, one of the first missionaries to West Africa from the United States. Born into slavery, he bought his own freedom and engaged in activities related to evangelism, education, and healthcare, which remain the three main foci for Lott Carey. Of particular interest to congregations is Lott Carey’s emphasis on leadership development and capacity building. Lott Carey provides resources for learning about and acting on issues as significant and diverse as homelessness, human trafficking, and disaster response. Lott Carey hosts an annual mission education gathering, offers a thorough resource for congregations interested in addressing HIV/AIDS as an issue of social justice, and also provides resources for “Calling Congregations” that seek to nurture a vocation for public ministry among young people.