Love God, Love Your Neighbor

by Edie Gross. Faith & Leadership, December 21, 2009 . Accessed April 14, 2017.

For congregations interested in learning about a community that has effected a significant change in culture, the story of Calvary Baptist Church in D.C. may be instructive. This Faith & Leadership article paints a picture of renewal and refocus. This story has been told because Calvary is a historic church, which experienced the kind of decline many congregations will find familiar, with a story of change, growth, and revitalized mission that is both inspiring and relatable. From a low of 50 in worship attendance, Calvary grew a variety of new ministries and partnerships, coming up to nearly 200 in worship most weeks. By imagining a way for the congregation to be vital through partnerships, Calvary has lived into a new culture of outreach, leadership, and innovation, in keeping with its own history and story. Edie Gross’ article serves as an illustration of a congregation making big changes in culture while thriving as a community. The Washington Post offered an additional perspective in this {{article |}} on the occasion of the congregation’s 150th anniversary.