Making Peace With the Land: God's Call to Reconcile with Creation

by Fred Bahnson, Norman Wirzba. InterVarsity Press, 2012.

Theological writing about reconciliation is anemic if it focuses only on human beings, asserts environmentalist and teacher, Norm Wirzba. He and co-author, agriculturist and theologian, Bahnson, insist that true reconciliation puts humanity in right relationship with the earth and all its creatures. This is particularly urgent, they insist, in the face of the unfolding ecological crisis. Through biblical and theological reflection, thoughtful analysis of the current environmental situation, and positive examples from around the world, they explain how people of faith can and must respond to the present and future challenges of sustaining life on earth. Throughout, they draw on formative experiences from their own upbringing and professional pursuits. The appendix includes a study guide for use with small groups and a selection of recommended resources. The perspective is mainline Christian and Trinitarian, aimed especially at those who want to explore the biblical and theological basis for earth care.