Making the Annual Pledge Drive Obsolete: How Churches Can Get Out of This Business Once and For All

by Timothy Dombek, Michael Durall. CommonWealth Consulting Group, 2014.
Large making annual pledge drive obsolete

Making the Annual Pledge Drive Obsolete is refreshingly controversial. Some resources that challenge the status quo are annoying at best. Their tone is harsh. The ideas are untested. This book stands by the principle that giving is good; it is fun. So, why go to such extravagant lengths to appeal to obligation while using pre-packaged stewardship campaign resources? This is not a workbook. It is a worldview changing book. The authors challenge congregations to engage adherents in creating a congregation that is doing serious, high impact charitable work. If this is accomplished, asking others to give takes care of itself. Michael Durall leads the CommonWeath consulting group. Timothy Dombek serves the Episcopal Church in Arizona. These two present an image of the congregation as a high expectation community; including high expectations related to giving and the impact that your giving to the congregation can have for the greater good. It is for you to test. Is it possible? Can a congregation do away with its annual fund drive and increase its income along with the amount of dollars it gives to mission and engagement? Available only as an e-book.

Author Curated by Tim Shapiro

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