Managing Church Calendars

Church Law and Tax Group. Accessed April 14, 2017.

Maintaining a church calendar is simple, right? Rarely, say the contributors to this article from Christianity Today, though they also say that answering basic questions is a helpful starting point. Some questions are the number of calendars needed-one master calendar or multiple ones specific to time, function, or group? What is the best format-printed or electronic? What calendars are public? Private? What about the church’s website calendar? What is the process for altering the calendar? The authors wisely recognize that all churches are not alike, and one solution does not work for everyone. A strength, therefore, of this resource is that it offers readers information, options, and issues to consider about the basic questions, such as ways to handle facility reservations, a review of available software programs, and methods of gathering calendar items. This practical resource is appropriate for all congregations and their staff, regardless of tradition.