Managing Projects in Ministry

by Vincent Wyatt Howell. Judson Press, 2017.
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Project management is not just a means to effective outcomes. It is a leadership strategy that creates a cooperative culture by giving responsibility to many people. Spreading the work around also makes the most of limited resources. In this practical guide to getting things done, a veteran pastor and leadership expert offers insights and tools that leaders can use. He combines his own stories with biblical principles to explain a business concept in terms the congregation can understand. A “project” is defined as a time- and cost-limited endeavor that furthers the mission of the organization. Howell discusses the four phases of a successful project: Inspiration and Initiation, Planning, Executing, and Evaluating and Celebrating. For each phase he presents illustrations and planning templates that can be downloaded free with the purchase of the book. This book is aimed at ministry staff, volunteers, and congregational leaders.

Curator Curated by Marie F. Fleming

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