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The Stranger: Immigrants, Scripture and the American Dream
This 42-minute video puts a human face on immigration by featuring the stories of individuals and families who have experienced life in the United States without legal status.
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Leadership: An Art of Possibility
This DVD series contends there's a new way of leadership that invites people out of the downward spiral of anxiety and into the world of possibility.
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Maintaining the Life of Your Building and Equipment
This PowerPoint presentation details the many aspects of building maintenance that require regular inspection and upkeep.
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Endangered Churches
This 10-minute video survets the changing landscape of sacred buildings in Philadelphia.
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Bivocational Pastors
This brief video from PBS looks at the challenges and opporuntities that arise when the pastor has a second job.
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Mission: Possible
This board game empowers teams to tackle problems by generating creative solutions, drawing on congregational assets and teamwork.
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Backs Against the Wall: The Howard Thurman Story
This hour-long film tells the life story of pastor and theologian Howard Thurman, a thought-leader in nonviolent resistance and founder of an integrated, interfaith congregation.
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10 Ways to Have a Better Conversation
This light-hearted TedTalk is an important reminder of the skills required to have a meaningful, quality conversation with others.
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What To Do When… A Fight Breaks Out
These two video discussions suggest how to avoid congregational conflict and what to do when conflict arises.
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