Meet the Nones: We Don't Need Your Labels

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Sandi Villarreal. Accessed April 19, 2017.

This series of thoughtful articles on different facets of life among religiously unaffiliated Americans provides an accessible glimpse of the diversity, sophistication, and perspective of “nones”. Sojourners has compiled perspectives from atheists, unaffiliated ethnic Jews, political strategists, and sociologists in order to better illustrate the perspective of Americans without a religious affiliation or identity. Each post provides links and suggestions for further reading, and many are rich with data, new findings from social science, and connections to related questions. Congregations interested in a particular aspect of this phenomenon will find suggestions for further engagement and learning. This is a resource that might be useful to small groups seeking to know more about “nones” or congregational leaders thinking about outreach strategy. Sojourners also links from this page to the excellent miniseries produced by Religion & Ethics Newsweekly: {{“None of the Above" |}}.