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Accessed April 19, 2017.

Hartford Seminary maintains this website as a service to organizations, groups, congregations and individuals who wish to have information about megachurches. These congregations are defined as those of 2,000 or more worshipping constituents, a 7 day a week active schedule, a multitude of social and outreach opportunities, a complex organizational structure, and a charismatic, authoritative leader. The site is a gateway for those interested in researching megachurches to learn how they grow and function. Not all megachurches are alike. Most are related to a denomination, others are independent. There are many articles, a searchable database, and a detailed description of available resources. Also included are resource reports and a helpful bibliography. The website also includes research by Scott Thumma and Warren Bird on the growth and development of the megachurch phenomenon over the past several years. It also highlights Thumma’s book, Megachurch Myths. The site is readily accessible and easy to navigate.