Mental Health Ministries

San Diego, CA.
Large mental health ministries

Mental Health Ministries is dedicated to providing resources that help faith communities become more caring and supportive of people and families living with mental illness. The DVD Caring Congregations provides a {{five-step model |}} of education, commitment, welcome, support and advocacy. It is also available in PDF format. Rev. Gregg-Schroeder is an ordained United Methodist minister, a nationally recognized speaker and leader in mental health ministry education, advocacy and awareness. Informed by her own experiences, ministry and pastoral counseling, her website offers downloadable prayers, poems, pamphlets, bulletin inserts and meditations. Some are in both Spanish and English. Other DVDs include the award-winning Creating Caring Congregations, in addition to Mental Health Mission Moments, Mental Illness and Families of Faith, and the newly released Stories of Healing & Hope: PTSD, Trauma and Suicide. These materials are beneficial for small group discussion health ministry teams developing education and awareness programs.

Curator Curated by Carole Wills

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