More Mental Health

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The Faith and Mental Wellness Podcast with Brittney Moses
This podcast, hosted by Brittney Moses, explores how faith and mental wellness intersect.
Faith-Based Resources
This webpage from the LGBTQ Family Acceptance Project provides links to various faith-based...
Family-Care, Community-Care and Self-Care Tool Kit
This document created by the Community Healing Network in collaboration with the...
Faith Communities and the Well-Being of LGBT Youth
This article, based on research findings, provides education about the increased risks of...
HIDDEN: Mental Health Hides Out in the Church
This book from Professor Allashia Smith-Harris explores the hiddenness of mental health in...
Latino Mental Health
This article succinctly summarizes the complexities facing the Latino community regarding...
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Latinx Therapy
This organization provides Latinx therapists and educators for those in the Latinx...
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Mass General List of Mental Health Resources for BIPOC
This website offers various resources for those seeking information on mental health for...
Pride Counseling
This website is a place to get matched to a licensed therapist for professional therapy for...
Pride Institute
This organization, located in Minneapolis, Minnesota, specializes in helping LGBTQ+...
Mental Health America of Indiana
This organization curates mental health resources specifically for those in Indiana,...
Mental Health and the Black Church
This article outlines the plight of the African American church specifically after Covid-19...
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