Ministry With* the Poor

United Methodist Church. Accessed November 30, 2017.
Large ministry with the poor

Produced by the United Methodist Church (UMC), this webpage provides a variety of resources for congregations to learn and mobilize for “genuine transformative ministry with the poor.” Ministry With* the Poor is one of four areas of international focus for the UMC, and this resource encourages individual congregations to prioritize that approach in learning about poverty and moving to action. The asterisk on the word With* signifies the emphasis that this resource places on “…mutuality of relationship with, by, and of the poor.” This web page also serves as a point of connection for congregations to learn and share together about their experiences of service alongside those in poverty, inspiring one another in taking transformative action. The web resource includes a blog and tools for mobilizing, include bible study resources and training materials for a new model of service, and resources for those seeking to partner with other congregations or organizations for action.