Missional Church Network

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Brad Brisco. Accessed April 19, 2017.

What is the core value underlying the missional church idea? Brad Brisco argues that because the church no longer holds the kind of dominance in western culture that it once did, there is a fresh opportunity for the church to become “incarnational”. That is, to embrace the work of God in the world. This means that models of church growth which emphasize attracting people to a church or extracting people from the world need to be replaced with models of service and personal witness. The site contains several resources to help congregations engage the missional church model. Brisco and his associates teach leadership seminars, publish blogs and articles, engage social media, and consult with congregations directly. They also provide videos of their work and a very helpful guide to the topics covered in their blogs. Brisco has teamed up with author Lance Ford to write two missional church books available through links on this website.