Money and Faith: William G. Enright and the Big American Taboo

by Mike Redmond. Faith & Leadership. Accessed November 30, 2017.
Large money and faith

This article is a biographical sketch of The Rev. Dr. William Enright and his work at the Lake Institute on Faith and Giving. Yet, it is more than a biography. The article is a well-written reflection on a particular theological worldview that links faith and money as a redemptive connection. Money isn’t evil. Faith can be a resource to help people be generous. Congregations are positioned to be conveyers of such a message. This article should be passed around the finance committee. It provides a minister with essential material when preaching on texts regarding money. It might also help a budget committee make decisions based on mission and values, rather than scarcity and fear. The discussion questions are engaging. This is an article that does more than inform; it teaches.

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