More or Less: Choosing a Lifestyle of Excessive Generosity

by Jeff Shinabarger. David C Cook, 2013.
Large more or less

By contrasting generosity as a way of choosing to be free in a world constrained by greed, Christian social entrepreneur Jeff Shinabarger shares his story of redefining how much is “enough”. By addressing several aspects of daily life, from groceries, to the clothes in your closet, to the calendar, Shinabarger shares his own experiences with identifying excess and paring down, and the freedom and abundance he experienced in return. Full of engaging narrative and the influence of real relationships with people who have much or little, this book opens the question of how reducing our stuff can make our lives richer. This book is likely to appeal to small groups or congregations with an interest in trying new habits and practices - Shinabarger encourages his readers to experiment and gives concrete advice about how to do so.