More Than 50 Ways to Build Team Consensus

by R. Bruce Williams. Corwin Press, 2007.
Large more than 50 ways

While most people agree that effective organizations have strong leaders who are committed to the common vision and collaborate as a team, many also believe that achieving this is idealistic. International consultant Bruce Williams counters these naysayers and shows readers how to develop leadership teams that can reach consensus. The introduction discusses recent theories on brain science, leadership, and consensus. The other material is divided into four sections: vision, participation, commitment, and collaboration. Each section first discusses the pertinent concept, such as “purposeful vision” or “individual commitment.” Additionally, each section has multiple hints, examples, and activities that are easily implemented and graded by the developmental level of the leadership: new, growing, or fully committed. Pithy quotes are sprinkled throughout, and the detailed index helps readers locate specific topics. This secular resource is well-organized, accessible, and user-friendly. It is appropriate for clergy, lay-leaders, and judicatories from any religious tradition.