National Association of Church Facilities Managers (NACFM)

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NACFM is a national non-profit organization of more than 300 members who serve congregations through education and certification programs for persons who manage church and other religious facilities. It was organized in 1995. It sponsors discussion groups, seminars, panels and other educational forums. It also provides its members with a network of those serving as facilities managers to share up to date ideas on the latest innovations in facilities management. When a member has an issue, it is addressed via email by others in the organization who have had similar experience and found solutions. NACFM sponsors an annual national convention and a bulletin board with job openings for those who are looking for employment as facilities managers. In general, facilities managers are employed by congregations that have at least 70,000 sq. feet of occupied space. The organization has ten regions and each of these has a director. Of particular interest is a certification program which is held annually. Participants in a week-long training program are recognized with a Certification document.

Curated by Brian Witwer

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