National Coalition for the Homeless

Washington, DC. (202) 462-4822.

The National Coalition for the Homeless (NCH) is an advocacy group for homeless people, those who serve them, and those who are working to end homelessness. It was organized 30 years ago following a national meeting of individuals and groups seeking greater influence regarding homelessness and the desire to work more closely together. Today, the coalition conducts research and issues reports, manuals, and fact sheets to undergird those who provide homeless shelters, ministries and funding. In addition to research, the website can help currently homeless persons or those who are concerned about becoming homeless gain information on what steps to take to find help and shelter. The organization publishes homelessness blogs on its website and provides action steps for those who wish to get involved. These steps include donating, organizing, advocacy steps, volunteering and securing a speaker. The coalition is committed to ending homelessness, while ensuring immediate needs are met and civil rights are protected.