National Congregations Study

Mark Chaves. Duke University, Department of Sociology. Accessed June 26, 2019.
Large national congregations study2

Sometimes, numbers do help. This resource will provide you with data. It is the website for the National Congregations Study. The newest data was posted in the winter of 2014. How can you use the site? You can read about the survey results that pertain to numerous congregational matters. These matters include a variety of subjects. For instance, the survey explores the following: age of senior clergy, styles of worship, number of teenagers active in congregational life, budget figures, number of staff and much more. You can compare how your congregation compares to others. You can also cross-tabulate two questions from the survey. Searches can provide information that reflects the number of congregations in the United States or the number of persons in United States congregations. Mark Chaves of Duke University leads the project. On this primary website, you can find links to his commentary about findings. Congregational life adds up to more than numbers. Yet, there are times when accurate data is helpful, even needed. This site is the place to begin. It provides accurate information. The information tracks contemporary realities and trends over time.

Curator Curated by Tim Shapiro

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