Natural Church Development

Emmelsbuell, Germany.

Over the course of twenty-five years, Natural Church Development (NCD) has developed a strategic planning and implementation program that has proven effective in thousands of congregations worldwide. Central to the NCD process is an assessment that measures for eight “quality characteristics” which NCD’s extensive research shows are vital to healthy, growing congregations. Based on the results of the assessment, participating congregations develop a strategy to strengthen their own weakest points. Periodic reassessments measure progress and inform course corrections. In addition to providing assessment tools and publications on the core NCD process, there are complementary resources. These include books and videos detailing NCD’s foundational theology, and books dedicated to developing each of the quality characteristics. NCD International partners with NCD America to provide resources and services in the United States. Visit {{NCD |}} for more information. Because NCD’s principles are interdenominational, any Christian congregation can potentially benefit.